About SCP

Sekolah Cita Persada (SCP) was established to meet the needs and interests of students living in Cinere and its surrounding areas. SCP is a well equipped school for students aged 18 months to thirteen years old (grade 7).

We are pleased to welcome everyone to our spacious campus. Our school facilities prove that we provide quality education seriously. An appropriate curriculum and dynamic teachers are all parts of this mission to serve in the field of education. Classes are designed to motivate and mold students academically and morally. Character building is our priority. We intend to prepare our students to be intellectually and morally fit for a better Indonesia.

Visit Sekolah Cita Persada and experience the care you truly deserve!


The vision of SCP is to create a nation of intelligence and character. We, at SCP, are determined to produce individuals who will be the future leaders of our nation: persons who are credible and trustworthy. We also intend to inculcate in the minds and hearts of our students the value of integrity at all cost.


The mission of SCP is to be committed towards providing quality education for children everywhere. We respect the sense of diversity and equality thus promoting the rights of every child to quality education.


Our Managing Director

Greetings from SCP!

SCP was established in 2006 with the philosophy of  "Intelligence plus character that is the true goal of education” – Martin Luther King Jr.

With this philosophy, SCP aims to develop in our students through our curriculum and school programs, namely to optimize intelligence by enhancing cognitive development, creativity and initiative, encourage moral excellence, promote endurance of doing what is right with truth and justice, instill tolerance towards others as part of social development and develop the sense of responsibility in all aspects of life.

Let us not miss the most important truth that we can only achieve success if we hold on together and with one aim, promote, work for, and value education, our key to true personal, spiritual and social transformation as we continuously traverse the roads and bridges of life.

The door of education is always an open door as they say, there will always be rooms for knowledge and places of wisdom as long as there are willing young minds who are seeking to learn and explore windows of truth.


Ruth Maureen