At SCP, we believe in a purposeful curriculum, one that emerges from the children, their interests and experiences. We provide assistance to our students to turn a mere experience to a learning experience. We advocate for a child-centered environment and emphasize greatly on the preparation of the environment for the children. To us, the prepared environment includes not only the space the children use and the furnishings and materials within that space but also the adults and the children who share their days with each other.


Some of the effective educational approaches that we adopt are:


The Project-Based Approach

The Project Approach seeks to engage children’s minds in ways that further their understanding of their own experiences and environment. This approach often allows children to consolidate their learning on a particular topic. This is a collaborative and yet independent study with facilitated and guided project activities consisting of investigations, constructions and exploration. Some of our project based related activities are Music Appreciation, Arts & Crafts Projects, Fun Cookery, Free Play Activities, Building with Blocks, Speech & Drama Activities, Manipulative Toys, Cooperative Play Sand and Water Play, Puzzle Reading Time and other various educational fun activities.



The Concept-Based Approach

When teachers base their instruction on concepts, they can expect their students to learn more than just facts. During a concept-based unit of study, students are given many examples of concepts. Through these examples of concepts from the topic, students notice common elements. Discussion, guided by carefully planned and also spontaneous questions, helps students form generalizations.



Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

Intelligence can be learned and improved upon throughout a lifetime. Gardner identifies his cross-cultural exploration of the ways individuals are intelligent as multiple intelligences. His philosophy also proposes that one form of intelligence is not better than the other. All are equally valuable and viable.



Montessori Approach

Dr. Maria Montessori stresses the importance of developing the senses of a child. Thus, the materials used by the children are designed for them to learn by seeing, touching, hearing, feeling and moving.



The Creative Curriculum Approach
This curriculum is also considered the application of developmentally appropriate practice, SCP have sought to highlight the important balance between applying a general knowledge of child development with the particular knowledge a teacher gains by forming a relationship with each child and family. We have also incorporated new information about the content in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology that children can and should learn. It respects the way children grow and develop.


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