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Seminar Cita Persada: Pendidikan Karakter Anak Berawal dari Rumah
“Nanti kalau Pak XYZ telepon, bilang Mama enggak ada, ya. Jangan lupa.”“Nak, kamu nyalip antrean, gih. Biar dapet duluan. Kamu, kan, kecil. Enggak bakal ketahuan.”“Lho, kok, nerabas lampu merah, Mas?” | “Ah, biarin aja. Mumpung lagi sepi dan enggak ada polisi.”Sebagian orangtua mungkin pernah bablas melakukan hal-hal di atas. Parahnya, mereka melakukan di depan anak-anak. Sepintas kelihatannya tidak ada masalah, ya. Tapiii ...... Read More
How To Teach Your Child About Computers
Back in the day, computers were known as typewriters.  And typewriters were strictly utilitarian.  Now, there isn’t really a limit to what a computer can do.  Learning to operate one is no longer a suggestion, good idea, or innocent diversion; it is a necessity.  Evidence suggests that young children who learn to operate a computer have a profound advantage when it comes to their educational... Read More

Superintendents have a critical role in digital transformation
Superintendents lead2. They are charged with preparing students to be college-, career-, and life-ready, and with enabling a 21st-century learning environment. Increasingly, this means leveraging digital technologies to create personalized learning opportunities.As leader, superintendents play an essential role as a catalyst for using technology to transform learning. In district where superintendents have created a clear and compelling vision... Read More